“Bottle Brush” and his Vixen still visits! (Video)

foxscreenshotThe Foxes are still around! This video from last night shows what I think is the Vixen and “Bottle Brush” the male.

Bottle Brush is so called due to his short bushy tail. Last year, the Vixen was limping and as you can see, she is again. However, this is a different injury as last year it was her left leg.

Very impressed with this new Bushnell, the Infrared LEDs are a lot brighter. I did think I stumbled across a bug as it was only recording 15 second clips instead of the 60 seconds I had configured the camera to do. Turns out, if you use the LEDs in full brightness, the maximum you can get is 15 seconds. Possibly down to the amount of power it uses. I imagine the Medium setting will still be adequate.

It’s tempting to start feeding the Foxes again, however, as we are due to be moving later this year, I don’t want the Foxes to start relying on us for Food. Therefore, we’ll leave out the occasional treat for them so they don’t get reliant on us.

{Remember to watch in HD if possible}

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