A visit from (what we think is) the Vixen.

Last night, we captured (what we believe to be) the Male Fox feeding and again taking mouthfuls of food away, possibly back to the Den to feed the Female. We also had the Mouse back stealing the food. The camera captured the male back for more food 9 minutes after taking away the mouthful. Therefore, if he is the male and he is taking food back to the female, then the Den can’t be far away.

Later in the morning, we did have a visit from what we think is the Female. She looks a little thinner than the last time we saw her (if she is indeed the she!). I couldn’t make out from the footage if she is lactating or not.

It’s not easy to determine the sex of a Fox, but the pair are vastly different. What we believe to be the Male has a big bushy tail and what we believe to be the female has a long thin tail.

I’ll continue to leave the camera out at night, any developments, I’ll let you know.

Mouthful.  Taking back to feed the Vixen?
Mouthful. Taking back to feed the Vixen?

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