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Happy 50th Anniversary Of The First Moon Landing!


Yes, I know this post is actually now the day after, but I did take the shot just before 11:57pm so it counts!

I wasn’t born at the time, but I can only imagine the excitement of watching it live on TV 50 years ago. The moon fascinates me due to the fact that I can see it, but I know I’ll never get to go there.

It seemed only right that I took a shot on this important day.

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Happy 50th Anniversary Of The First Moon Landing NASA!
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Fox Visiting The Iberian Magpie Feeding Area Overnight (Video)


The Iberian Magpie Feeding Area has been having some visitors overnight, identified by droppings left. I believe that a Badger is coming and possibly a Genet. Therefore, I now leave a trail cam running to see what comes along for a free small snack.

Last night a Fox, a healthy looking one, came along. The video is just some quick snippets as it was there for a long time, the camera picked up its arrival at 3:01am and it left at 3:47am!

{Remember to watch in HD if possible}

A Male Glow Worm/Firefly Lit Up


Last year I wrote a post about a female Glow Worm, rather than re-write all the information, you can read it HERE.

In the post I wrote that only the females light up. I was clearly wrong.

Last night a male landed on me (only males have wings) and when I removed him I noticed he was glowing. He hasn’t the output that the females have but still glowing. I took these snaps on my phone before returning him to the garden where he continued to glow.

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A Stunning Green & Pink Conehead Mantis


Tonight there was a call from the kitchen; “Craig, there’s a big Mantis on the window”. I went to look and it was a Conehead Mantis outside catching all the small flies being attracted to the kitchen light.

I grabbed my camera and it flew to the table on the terrace where I was able to grab a shot of it. There are a lot of different tiny young Mantis around the garden at this time of year as they hatch from their egg sacks (remember this post of a baby last year?), but this one was a fully grown adult at around 8cm long. This is a male as the female lacks the feathery antennae.

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Star Trails Above a Forgotten Time


After a very warm and clear spring day I decided to head to a location I spotted a few weeks back for a Star Trail photograph.

It was a very dark location and I setup using my (very bright) Mountain Bike lights. Set the camera’s built-in Intervalometer and then sat and waited for an hour (listening to the sounds of Wild Boar and Tawny Owls) whilst the camera took multiple exposures. One of the exposures I briefly shone the lights on the Well.

The shots have then been merged together. This was originally just a test shoot but the final result is worth sharing with you. Looking closely at the trails, there are small gaps which suggests the Intervalomter was missing a shot which is strange as I’ve not had this issue before and a count of the final number of images doesn’t match the number I expected for an hour-long shoot. Anyway, here is the final image and I look forward to returning for another session.

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Star Trails Above A Forgotten Time
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New Location For A Star Trail Shot Found


This morning I (and Wally!) stumbled across an old and abandoned Well with many of the workings still intact. A quick look on the PhotoPills App confirmed my thoughts that the angle below is exactly north facing.

This means that Polaris (AKA The North Star) is directly above the well. I love to try to include local features in my shots and therefore, I will return for a Star Trail Shot the next time we have a perfectly clear night sky. The only concern is the area also has a lot of evidence of Javali foraging!

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