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Prints Of My Work Are Now Available Mounted & Framed – 2 Sizes, 4 Colours!


You probably noticed a “soft launch” of my framed prints in both the Kingfishers of 2019 and Sunset Over Castelo De Silves posts yesterday.

It is taking some time to update every print in the Webshop but soon, all prints will be available both framed and unframed. At this stage, framed prints are only available to either be collected from here at the Quinta near São Marcos da Serra (by appointment only) or I can arrange a meet & greet in the central Algarve area.

I am also now able to offer a viewing gallery for your chosen print along with any other prints available to purchase right here at the Quinta, again, this is strictly by appointment only and further details will follow in the coming days.

The Webshop also gives you the chance to view a print in a digital impression of your choice of frame size and colour.

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Kingfishers of 2019 (The End Of This Years Project) – Framed Prints Now Available!


It started off quite a difficult task this year with the Kingfishers. The river level was a little lower than usual in late spring which didn’t provide the correct angles I was looking for with my perched portraits. It wasn’t until the juveniles left the nests that I was able to shoot at the correct angles. It really was a waiting game, which paid off.

The local Kingfishers bred very successfully this year and I had some amazing sessions with them. All my favourite photos follow below. Most of these photos and others are available to purchase in print in the Webshop.

Clicking each photo will open up the product in the shop. I am slowly updating the shop to include these prints framed. All Kingfisher photos are now available framed! To celebrate my the Kingfisher success, all Kingfisher prints (including framed) have been discounted until the end of September!

Please note, currently all framed prints are available for local pickup only and can be viewed (by appointment only) in my viewing gallery here at the Quinta. I can also meet and greet in the central Algarve area!

Common Kingfisher (Juvenile Female) - Guarda-rios (juvenil femea) - Alcedo atthis
The Perfect Pose : 📷 Nikon D850, AF-S 500mm f/4 @ 1/1000sec, f/10, ISO800
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Framed Print Donation To The Alerta Fine Art Auction


The “Alerta de incêndio florestal” (Forest Fire Alert) is an association that in the event of large forest fires provides provisions (food, water and clothing supplies) to the firefighters on the front line. They organise drop-off locations where the team then collects and delivers to the Bombeiros on the ground. The association also utilises Facebook as a method of alerting and updating their “likers” of all fires that break out in the Algarve and also any other large fires elsewhere in the country.

It is a charity run association and therefore requires cash to maintain this fantastic service to the community.

On Sunday 20th October there is a Fine Art Auction being held at the Lady in Red Gallery in Lagoa to raise money. During the horrendous fires of Monchique in 2018, I was out near to the active front that ravaged not too far away from my local village of São Marcos da Serra. Unless there was a drastic change of wind, the fire was not threatening the village, however, many residents were understandably nervous with the skies thick with black smoke. I sent live video back to the residents in the village to keep their minds at rest, of course at the same time, I took a camera to capture some shots. All of the blog posts related to this fire can be found HERE.

One of the photos I captured was an Air Tractor Fireboss dropping water on a raging active front. Eventually, the larger Canadair planes were brought in as the fire was too great for the smaller planes to tackle.

I have donated a framed print of this image to the auction and hopefully it will raise some well deserved money. The print is on A3 sized paper and mounted inside a glass-fronted silver 50x40cm frame. More information on this amazing event can be found by visiting https://alertafineartcatalogue2019.yolasite.com/?fbclid=IwAR2jn3fj00QOReUsoZ4wa7_MG_Zwk_V94pyQD_GOKhsk7JZgEGnHbES6jk0 where you can even download the catalogue of all donated artwork. The catalogue can also be downloaded HERE.

Day 6: Water Drop
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New Service : Dogs-In-Nature Photo Shoots!


If you’re a regular blog reader then you will know that I often post photos of Wally when we are out on our adventures. People keep mentioning that I should start offering this type of photography for other Dog owners and I have been considering this for some time.

So let me introduce to you Dogs-In-Nature Photo Shoots! The idea of this new project is to offer something slightly different to the usual Dog Portrait photography that although is great, often doesn’t show the Dog’s real nature and character. On my photo shoots I will be accompanying you and your dog(s) and capturing photographs of them playing, running, sitting gazing into space and anything else you wish to capture all in a natural environment rather than a studio setting.

This photo of Wally is a perfect example of his character.

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Wally Splashing Around In The River

If you have more than one dog, or even want to share a session with another owner to reduce the cost then this is also an option. Each session guarantees, at least, 10 digital photographs and also 1 professionally printed A3-sized Photograph per dog. Further prints will also be available to purchase at a later date in various sizes.

To celebrate this new project, there is 15% discount on all sessions, including Gift Vouchers until the end of January.

More details and prices can be found on the Dogs-In-Nature Photo Shoots Page.

Everything But The Birds…


It has been a while since my Reflection Pool was completed, certainly enough time for the local birds to get used to it. This morning, I decided to have a session in there. I was in there from 8:20am until 12:00pm and nothing, absolutely nothing visited. There were plenty of birds all around me but for some reason nothing came down to the water. Luckily my WiFi from the house reaches there so at least I could entertain myself whilst I waited.

It is such a shame because as you can see in the photo below, the scene is looking really nice. Even hidden down behind the wood there is a tray with live Mealworms to try and attract the birds but still I await a photo.

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