I decided to return to the Windmill ruin visited a short while back at Sunset (click here for last visit), this time I wanted to shoot it at dusk. The photo was taken 10 minutes after Civil Twighlight (the time at which the human eye requires artificial light to see).

To add some drama to the photo I wanted light up the inside of the mill as if there was someone inside. I placed a remote flash inside the mill however after a few test shots, I couldn’t get the light correct. I could either get the inside lit or the floor outside lit but not both together. To finally get the shot I needed, I set the camera’s timer to 10secs, pressed the shutter and ran inside the mill. Once the 20 second exposure was being taken, I fired the flash manually twice, once at the walls and once pointing straight at the door way to create the lighting effect on the ground outside.

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