For a reason that will be announced soon, Saturday I had the pleasure of spending a lot of the day in the town of Silves photographing the returning White Storks.

I have lots, LOADS in fact, photos to share at a later date, but for now here are two from the epic morning.

First a shot of one of these huge stunning birds in flight;

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White Stork - Cegonha-branca - Ciconia ciconia

After spending so many hours taking shots in flight, shots on nests, shots of territorial fights and shots on the ground, I wanted to end the session with an arty shot. I repositioned myself to shoot into the sun to capture a bird silhouetted against the warm February sun.

White Stork Silhouetted by the Algarve Sun

WARNING: If you are thinking of trying photography directly into the sun, do not look at the sun through the view finder, it can cause irreparable damage to your retina.

More photos to follow along with my exciting news.

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