Originally from South Wales, I decided to move to the hills in the beautiful Portuguese Algarve in 2016 enabling me to concentrate more on my photography. Being outdoors in nature is my big enjoyment, the photography is a bonus. Getting the picture doesn’t come first, I enjoy being around the content being photographed way before the shutter button is pressed.

Improve your photography on my Digital Photography Fundamentals Workshop and join me on a stroll around the Algarve Serra on one of my Free Nature Photography Walks. If you would like a guest speaker at your event, I am available for Nature Photograpy Talks.

I write a monthly nature article for the Algarve Resident, an English language Newspaper published in Portugal which is available in most Supermarkets and Newsagents.

Read all about my movements, tutorials and tips in my Blog. Why not subscribe to my Mailing List for blog updates, news and offers. You can also follow my social media feeds on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Photos posted on the site are usually available in higher resolution in my Flickr Albums and my videos can be found on my YouTube Channel (don’t forget to subscribe to my channel).

You will also see plenty of photos of Wally my trusty side-kick. He doesn’t come along on photo sessions, but I usually always have a camera on our walks ready to shoot him or anything else interesting we see.

If you are considering using any of my photos or videos for personal or commercial use, please take a read of the © Copyright Notice. Some of my work can also be licensed from my stock library at Alamy or feel free to contact me direct. I may also be interested in freelance, collaboration and commission work.

MY RECENT FAVORITE SHOT {Click image for article}

Backlit Thistle In Seed