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Morning Dog Walk: Lupi’s First Action Shots


For those that are quite new to my blog posts, most mornings I take a camera along on my dog walk with the infamous Wally and our (not so) newcomer Lupi. We took Lupi from the council kennels in Lagos just 10 weeks ago, he is (as good as) deaf and he was very scared and shy (see Blog Post).

In the first few weeks we honestly thought that we would never be able to let Lupi off the lead on the walks, something Wally has the freedom of, however, slowly but surely things have become different and in just this short time we have enough trust in each other that Lupi can enjoy what he is naturally engineered for, running!

Here are a few shots from his first real freedom run around this morning!

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Lupi Enjoying His Freedom!
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The Local European Bee-Eater Colony Is Now Huge!


Almost every evening (and early morning) the local European Bee-Eater colony come to feed in and around the Quinta.

This evening I sat on the side of a nearby banking, amongst the overgrowth but certainly not hidden and was given a spectacular display of acrobatics.

If I was to guess how many are now in this colony, I would say at least 50 if not more, it seems to have been a successful breeding year for them!

I love the colours on this back-lit shot with one changing direction to catch a Bee.

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📷 Nikon D850, AF-S 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 VR @ 400mm, 1/3200sec, f/8, ISO320

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Clouds Spoilt The Shot…..Almost!


Yesterday afternoon I noticed some light and wispy clouds developing towards the West and knew these would create some great colours at sunset so I headed to a remote Trig Point (These are usually found on high ground and used for triangulation purposes in surveying and orienteering).

As the sun was setting a large area of cloud came rolling off the West coast and spoilt what was going to be an amazingly colourful sunset. However, I still decided to process one of the shots I took.

It’s sort of nice in it’s own right even though it’s not what I was hoping for. I will be returning to this location for another attempt on another evening.

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Clouds Spoilt The Sunset
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Greater Flamingos At Ludo


After a great week visiting, I dropped my sister and niece at Faro airport very early yesterday morning so used the opportunity to visit Ludo at sunrise to back-light the Greater Flamingos.

Rather than re-write information about these magnificent birds, you can read an article I wrote for the Algarve Resident last year (Read here…).

Currently there are a huge number of Greater Flamingos gathered at Ludo and after short wait a small group started to argue which gave the perfect scene directly into the sun.

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Face-off At Sunrise (Greater Flamingos)
📷 Nikon D850, AF-S 500mm f/4 @ 1/800sec, f/8, ISO560Continue reading >>

The Unmistakable Colours Of The European Bee-Eater Backlit By The Sunset


Almost every evening the now re-grouped huge colony of European Bee-Eaters arrive around the Quinta, they are taking an easy meal from nearby Honey Bee Hives.

They are always west of the Quinta which means they are beautifully back-lit by the setting sun.

Today, I was waiting with a camera and grabbed a shot of one landing with a catch. Just look how the sun is shining through the feathers!

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European Bee-Eater Back-lit By The Setting Sun
📷 Nikon D850, AF-S 80-400 f/4.5-5.6 @ 400mm, f/8, 1/3200sec, ISO1100

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