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Framed Print Donation To The Alerta Fine Art Auction


The “Alerta de incêndio florestal” (Forest Fire Alert) is an association that in the event of large forest fires provides provisions (food, water and clothing supplies) to the firefighters on the front line. They organise drop-off locations where the team then collects and delivers to the Bombeiros on the ground. The association also utilises Facebook as a method of alerting and updating their “likers” of all fires that break out in the Algarve and also any other large fires elsewhere in the country.

It is a charity run association and therefore requires cash to maintain this fantastic service to the community.

On Sunday 20th October there is a Fine Art Auction being held at the Lady in Red Gallery in Lagoa to raise money. During the horrendous fires of Monchique in 2018, I was out near to the active front that ravaged not too far away from my local village of São Marcos da Serra. Unless there was a drastic change of wind, the fire was not threatening the village, however, many residents were understandably nervous with the skies thick with black smoke. I sent live video back to the residents in the village to keep their minds at rest, of course at the same time, I took a camera to capture some shots. All of the blog posts related to this fire can be found HERE.

One of the photos I captured was an Air Tractor Fireboss dropping water on a raging active front. Eventually, the larger Canadair planes were brought in as the fire was too great for the smaller planes to tackle.

I have donated a framed print of this image to the auction and hopefully it will raise some well deserved money. The print is on A3 sized paper and mounted inside a glass-fronted silver 50x40cm frame. More information on this amazing event can be found by visiting https://alertafineartcatalogue2019.yolasite.com/?fbclid=IwAR2jn3fj00QOReUsoZ4wa7_MG_Zwk_V94pyQD_GOKhsk7JZgEGnHbES6jk0 where you can even download the catalogue of all donated artwork. The catalogue can also be downloaded HERE.

Day 6: Water Drop
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My Latest Common Kingfisher Photos Are Now Available In Print


As you probably know, due to the amount of young Kingfishers locally, I am really concentrating on photographing them. The following 3 photos are now available to purchase as prints in the Web Shop.

I have more photos to process and I am planning on many more sessions with these stunning birds, therefore more images will be available soon.

Click image to view the product in the shop

Common Kingfisher (Juvenile Female) - Guarda-rios (juvenil femea) - Alcedo atthis
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Start Of Something New


A lot of you will have noticed a lack of content recently and that is due to juggling my other photography ventures, mainly my Real Estate work (FotoSul).

However, today I have started to push myself to concentrate more on bringing you more of the nature and particulary the local wildlife.

Theses photos are the start of something new and exciting and is just one thing on the list of new beginnings at the Quinta.

More news soon!

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Update On The Local European Bee-Eaters


You may think that I’ve gone a bit quiet on the local Bee-Eater colony, but I am still keeping an eye on them, however, I’m leaving them in peace to finish off their nesting tunnels before I spend more time amongst them.

This afternoon I was working on something new at “A Rocha”, an area on top of a large rocky lump that I leave to the wildlife. I have spotted some Rock Buntings and I’m planning some shots so was setting a nice scene around a small water pond I built some time ago. The Bee-Eaters were all around hunting and I wondered why they didn’t seem too bothered about my presence. I moved a little closer to a spot where I can over look a tree they usually rest on and they didn’t seem bothered at all that I was there. I was standing in direct view and they happily carried on with their activities. This is a great afternoon spot for watching and photographing them, so will plan a session here in the near future. I think they have almost finished their tunnels now and will soon be moving in and I’m looking forward to getting close up to them.

Although I was close, I was only armed with my 80-400mm so was a little short on reach, but at least I got these shots to show how great an angle it is!

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Was My DIY Lens Repair Successful…?


During my SOS Algarve Animal Charity Event on Saturday my trusty Nikon AF-S 80-400mm suffered a problem. I love this lens for my Dogs-In-Nature Photo Shoots because I have the ability to be far enough away to allow natural behaviour but also be able to quickly open wider when they get closer. This lens is also the perfect walk-about lens for the same reason. It is reason number 1 (of 2) why I’d rather this lens to the Nikon AF-S 200-500mm even though it has less reach. This lens and almost all my other lenses have the “gold ring” on the end of the barrel which designates it as a professional build lens (see my Equipment List). This means that it is weather and dust sealed, which is reason number 2 why I’m not a fan of the 200-500mm as it doesn’t and in this incredibly dusty environment I think it’s life could be short lived. However, as the 80-400mm lens is a zoom lens, then there is always the possibility of dust and sand getting inside the zoom barrel and this is what I think happened during the shoot. Everything was going great until suddenly the zoom ring became extremely stiff, luckily, it didn’t seize and I was able to continue with the shoot, although I always have my Nikon AF-S 70-200mm waiting as a very good substitute.

I purchased this lens back in 2013 when it was released and although it has been used extensively throughout its life, I have always taken care to ensure no damage to any of the glass or workings. So, now the dilemma, do I send it off to Nikon for repair and pay what would probably be around €1000, do I even just invest in a new one, current prices are around €2000 or do I try to repair it myself??? WHAT DISMANTLE A LENS!!!!! I have never done this before and thought, why not, I have nothing to lose as I can always opt for the first two options. After watching a few YouTube videos, albeit other Nikon lenses, I started to remove the front elements.

Here is a shot of the front element removed, you can see the small pieces of what look like ground metal filings on the other elements from where the zoom barrel was grinding.

{Click image for a higher resolution}

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