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“A Rocha” Part 1: The Beginning


At the Quinta we have small piece of land we call “A Rocha” (Portuguese for “The Rock”) and as the name suggests it’s a small rocky lump. It is outside the fire boundary so we have left it to nature with mainly Esteva and a small collection of Oak Trees.

Today’s light was terrible for photography (as you can see in the photos from my phone) so I made use of the time to scout for an area to use as some hide locations, “A Rocha” was decided upon. You may remember reading about the Oasis Hide, this is still in place, however, its more suitable for late summer and autumn when there is little vegetation growing.

I found an area that has great sunrise and morning Golden Hour exposure and set to work clearing it. The photo is looking with the sunrise area behind. The area is quite open and is suitable for sunrise whatever the season.

Before clearing

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New Facebook Group – Algarve Photo Fun


I couldn’t help but notice that there isn’t really a public open Facebook Group for budding photographers to share their photos here in the Algarve, so I created one.

The intention is to get more people involved in Photography and share their snaps online. This isn’t just for people with expensive equipment, as you may know, I love the challenge of Smartphone photography so all formats are welcome in the group.

There will be some fun themed competitions running on there and also a weekly selection of the Group Cover Photo. The group is public and open to anyone, you don’t even have to live in the Algarve, maybe you’ve been on holiday and want to share your photos!

Once the group establishes itself, I will also run competitions for free places on my Workshops

The group can be found at www.facebook.com/groups/algarvephotofun/

My 500mm F/4 Is Finally Back From Nikon!


Almost 4 months ago, disaster struck when the tripod collar snapped on my Nikon 500mm f/4, my main weapon for my wildlife photography (see post here).

Once I found out how to get it to Nikon from Portugal, it eventually made it´s way to Nikon´s service centre in Barcelona where it has seemed to take a lifetime to return.

Yesterday, I had the call from FNAC (Electronics shop and Nikon dealer) that it was ready for collection!

As it’s been serviced, I’m just performing an Auto Focus Fine Tune using Reikan FoCal and good to go! First stop, to try and find the Short Eared Owl I spotted locally.

{Click image for a higher resolution}
Calibrating the AF Fine Tune with Reikan FoCal

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Some Of My Images Are Now Available On Alamy

I have signed up with the stock agency giant, Alamy. In the future, I’ll be publishing not only Wildlife and Nature photography, but also other stock images that I believe will sell.

This is a new venture for me and to make stock photography work means a lot of time behind the camera with different artistic approaches. This gives me a lot of enthusiasm and excitement to pick the camera up.

My Alamy stock library, which will grow over time, can be found HERE.

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I’m Now Available On Instagram!


When Instagram was first launched, I didn’t like it. Their terms and conditions made me feel nervous about the ownership of the images being shared. I kept my distance.

Up until now I’ve remained very distant and only recently took a look and realised just how big this Social Media platform is. It made me feel I was missing out on a tool to further share my work.

@craigrogersphotography on Instagram

Therefore, I’ve moved into the future, well the slight past and activated my Instagram Profile tied with my Facebook Page.

If you are an Instagram user (and it appears maybe I’m the only person on the planet that wasn’t) please follow my Instagram Account. Both published photos and behind the scenes photos will appear on my feed.

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Website Subscription Now Available!


Want to be notified every time a new blog post is published? Then please feel free to sign up to my mailing list.

I promise not to spam you with junk just new blog post notifications, you can also unsubscribe at anytime.

Of course, you can also follow on Social Media using the buttons above.

To join, please fill in the details below;

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