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Morning Dog Walk: Lupi Is Settling In


It’s been just over a week now and Lupi is starting to settle in. He just about realises that he isn’t going back to the Kennels and that this is his new home. We are having a few trust issues still and he’s found that he likes to chase Cats, but this is something we continue to work on.

Just in case you are wondering, in this photo he is on the lead, but I removed it in Photoshop. He’s not ready to be off the lead yet because we have no way of recall. So he walks on the lead until we are completely satisfied with his trust in us and of course, his hearing issues make it even more difficult.

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Lupi On His Morning Walk
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There Will Be No More “Wally Walks”…..


….but there will be “Wally & Lupi Walks”.

At the weekends Fair we spotted Lupi at the Lagos Canil (Lagos Dog Kennels) Stand and immediately both agreed that he’d be the perfect brother for Wally.

It’s going to take a while to settle him in as he is a little timid. He also is hard of hearing and possibly deaf but I have noticed that he reacts to a loud high-pitched whistle.

As you can see, Wally is so happy with his company. I look forward to bringing you some exciting stories of our morning walks.

Here they are in the back of the car on the way home today.

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Wally Was In Such A Playful Mood This Morning…….


……so I shot him! With a camera of course!

It’s always great practice using Wally, not just for my Dogs-In-Nature Photo Shoots but for other wildlife too.

First we were at the river and he was splashing around like a maniac so I was on hand to capture his craziness, throwing the odd stone to attract his attention.

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Wally Splashing In The River
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Morning Dog Walk: Today All About Wally!


Wally has been a little unwell for a few days, he has been suffering from terrible sickness and diarrhoea and as he’s a big baby when it comes to things like this, he has been feeling really sorry for himself.

Today he seems back to normal, his appetite is back and was running around like the crazy fool he is, so this morning’s walk, I ignored the Bee-Eaters flying around, ignored Bluey and snapped a few photos of him. Oh and I haven’t seen Roxy for a while so I’m guessing she is possibly now sitting on eggs. In case you are new and wondering what I’m talking about, Bluey and Roxy are a local pair of Blue Rock Thrushes.

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Wally In The Long Grass
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Practice Practice Practice…..


For those that have attended one of my Workshops will know how much I stress that you have to practice photography. This isn’t the case just for beginners learning, but also experienced photographers.

You will often see me using Wally as my model whilst out walking him in the mornings. He loves the “Stay….Stay….Stay….Fetch!” game and this morning we had a lot of fun. Not only is this practice good for technique and the technical aspects of the camera, but also helps with framing and artistic approach.

Here’s a few shots of Wally from this morning.

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Wally On His Morning Walk
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