Siskin photos from the Garden and a few others

I noticed the pair of Siskins on a Nyger Seed Feeder on Sunday morning, so I grabbed my D810 and 500mm F/4 and thought I’d try and get close enough not to scare them away. I was surprised at how close they were willing to let me get to them at around 10 metres. Even with the 500mm, I couldn’t get close enough for frame filling shots, but close enough to get some shots. Maybe I should of grabbed a Teleconverter too.

This first shot is the Male followed by the Female and then as both were on the feeder together, I took a shot so that you can see the difference between Male and Female.

{Click image for a higher resolution, click Flickr Link in caption to view photo on Flickr}
Male Siskin - D810, AF-S 500mm f/4 @ 500mm, f/8, ISO1100, 1/500sec - {Flickr Link}
Female Siskin - D810, AF-S 500mm f/4 @ 500mm, f/8, ISO1000, 1/500sec - {Flickr Link}
Pair of Siskins (Female left, Male right) - D810, AF-S 500mm f/4 @ 500mm, f/8, ISO560, 1/500sec - {Flickr Link}

Below are a few more shots that I took on Saturday afternoon in the late afternoon sunlight. The last photo of a Starling had me thinking and I learnt something new. I couldn’t help noticing how bright it’s yellow beak was and remember that the last time I took a photo of a Starling, it’s beak was black. Starling’s beaks (and even legs) change colour in spring (yellow) and autumn (black).

Goldfinch - D810, AF-S 300mm f/2.8 @ 300mm, f/9, ISO200, 1/400sec - {Flickr Link}
Dunnock - D810, AF-S 300mm f/2.8 @ 300mm, f/9, ISO160, 1/500sec - {Flickr Link}
Starling with it's 'Breeding Beak' - D810, AF-S 300mm f/2.8 @ 300mm, f/9, ISO200, 1/500sec - {Flickr Link}
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