“A Rocha” Part 1: The Beginning

At the Quinta we have small piece of land we call “A Rocha” (Portuguese for “The Rock”) and as the name suggests it’s a small rocky lump. It is outside the fire boundary so we have left it to nature with mainly Esteva and a small collection of Oak Trees.

Today’s light was terrible for photography (as you can see in the photos from my phone) so I made use of the time to scout for an area to use as some hide locations, “A Rocha” was decided upon. You may remember reading about the Oasis Hide, this is still in place, however, its more suitable for late summer and autumn when there is little vegetation growing.

I found an area that has great sunrise and morning Golden Hour exposure and set to work clearing it. The photo is looking with the sunrise area behind. The area is quite open and is suitable for sunrise whatever the season.

Before clearing

After Clearing

This next photo is looking back towards the area where the sunrises.

Looking back towards the sunrise area

This is the start of developing “A Rocha” into a Nature Photography area. I currently have 2 plans for the area, a hide with a multitude of perches (although attracting birds is not easy, more on this at a later date) and also a large Infinity Reflection Pool which should be quite popular throughout the dry summer. You may remember my post about setting up a Temporary Reflection Pool a few years back.

I will update you on the progress of all the work to transform “A Rocha”.

Here is a shot showing “A Rocha” with the area cleared on the right.

A Rocha

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