A Spanish Terrapin Just Peed On Me!

I was down at the river modifying and moving my Kingfisher perch and on the way back Wally spotted something in the long grass.

It was a Spanish Terrapin (often referred to as a Spanish Turtle). It was fairly large with its shell about 25cm long. As it was heading towards the road I decided to relocate it back to the river bank.

I picked it up and it let its bladder go, all over me and I know smell like rotten fish. I released it back at the river bank and it hurried into the water.

(Shot and edited using Lightroom on my Samsung Galaxy S9+)

With regards to the Kingfisher perch, as the river it starting to get lower and the dry out begins, there are a lot of small fish shoaling in various shallow sections. The perch has been relocated to an area where the Kingfishers have a choice of side. I did see a Kingfisher this morning in the area so hopefully they will start using the perch photos soon!

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