Another “Close But No Cigar” With The Kingfishers This Morning

I was at the river at just past 6am this morning, hidden well in the reeds. It was light, but the sun was still below the horizon. Almost immediately, a Kingfisher landed on a bamboo less than 1 metre away from me, chirping its high-pitched tweet to another Kingfisher out of sight. The Kingfisher flew and another landed in the same spot, stayed for a few seconds before flying down-stream, following the first.

I waited for an hour before the sun was lighting the river but yet again after almost 4 hours, no such luck getting a shot in flight. On one occasion, a Kingfisher came flying towards me and I was tracking it ok but it didn’t quite fly into the area I had predicted so no close up shot. I did get this distance shot that I’ve cropped in. As you can see, although a terrible picture, it shows the Kingfisher with a Crayfish in its mouth. No wonder, they are not interested in my perch with its tiny fish to catch!

Although another disappointing morning, I am learning a little about their patterns which should help get the shot I’m looking for. I will continue!

Kingfisher with Crayfish

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