Chiffchaff or Willow Warbler?

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I spotted a quick flash of Olive colour darting between the bushes and then it made an appearance at the Waterfall. As you can see, the Waterfall is now running at full flow as I have now cleaned it and the filters.

Normally, I’d say this is a Chiffchaff as it’s more common and normally has darker legs than the almost identical Willow Warbler. However, the Chiffchaff has a very distinctive song (which is what gives it it’s name) that I have not heard in the garden. I have however, heard a song similar to a Willow Warbler.

I will keep an eye and ear out to see if I can confirm it’s identity. I’ll be very happy if it turns out to be a Willow Warbler as they have an RSPB Amber status due to decline.

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Chiffchaff - D7100, AF-S 300mm f/2.8 @ f/5.6, ISO400, 1/1000sec - {Flickr Link}
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