Coming Soon: Adobe Lightroom Workshop

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I have been asked many times if I offer Post-Editing Workshops, until now it is something I have only considered. This consideration is now becoming more of a reality and I will soon be offering a new Introduction to Adobe Lightroom Workshop. This workshop will provide you with enough of an introduction to enable you to further improve your photography. I would recommend attending a Digital Photography Fundamentals Workshop prior to this but not necessary.

Adobe Lightroom Classic

Adobe Lightroom is currently available in 3 versions;

  • Adobe Lightroom Classic CC – The original (and the best in my opinion) version
  • Adobe Lightroom CC – A new Cloud based version
  • Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile – Android and iOS versions

The workshops will be run on a 1-to-1 (and possibly small groups) and can cater for any or all of the versions and how they interact. If you are not using the latest versions, I will also cater for these too.

More information will be available soon, watch this space!

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