European Bee-Eaters Hunting Through The Storm

We have just had a large and loud Thunderstorm roll through and the last thing I expected to see was a group of Bee-Eaters out hunting. Perhaps it is easier to pick off the bees in the rain?

I was perfectly huddled under a Palm Tree which not only was the perfect hide, but also the perfect umbrella.

Of course, in these conditions, the photos are never going to be perfect, but worth sharing as you don’t see this very often. They seem to be visiting this area a lot already, probably due to the fact that there are Bee Hives close by (don’t worry, they don’t have an effect on the numbers of bees). If they continue then I will be making this a more permanent location and get the big lens out!

See if you can spot the difference between the Male and Female. Hint, the male has far more chestnut brown colouring on his wings than the female.

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