Mediterranean Tree Frogs Right On Our Doorstep

Most nights at this time of year, just after sunset, we can hear a loud croaking coming from a location nearby. So I decided to investigate what Frogs/Toads make these loud noises. After following the noise I stumbled across an old disused Cisterna (Water Storage Tank). The noise is amplified by the concrete circular wall which is why it can be heard from a distance. I could see the Frogs but not close enough to identify. I decided that I’d return the following night with the camera, but needed a light as I’m not a fan of using flash on wildlife in the dark.

Mediterranean Tree Frog Calling (Male)

Earlier today, I bodged up a light out of a Joby GorillaPod, a Manfrotto Clamp and my Mountain Bike Lights and went for a dip in the Cisterna.

Bodged Lights

It was deeper than my waterproof boots could handle so ended up getting soaking wet, especially as I squatted a little too low! It was silent and not a sign of a Frog anywhere. Suddenly there was a splash, followed moments later by almost deafening croaking as it resonated inside the Cisterna. They only come at night? I knew immediately that these must be Tree Frogs as they are able to climb out with their suction feet during the day. I looked in some reeds that are growing inside the Cisterna and a bright green Mediterranean Tree Frog was staring right back at me. It really wasn’t bothered by my presence either as it continued to call. Its now the start of the mating season so the males are very vocal and this shallow tank is perfect for breeding.

A few more splashes later and the tank is in full song. The photos aren’t great due to the low light, but as I now know they are in the area, I will look for them in the daytime.

Mediterranean Tree Frog (Male)

These Frogs are small, the females grown to around 65mm whilst the males are slightly smaller. The Females have white throats and the Males have a brown tinge due to their vocal sack. Both the photos are of males.

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