Glossy Ibis In The Late Afternoon Sun

Yesterday I was at Ludo to photograph the Ospreys that hunt there regularly (more on this in a later post). I was using the fact that I had to pick Emma up from the airport, so made a full day of it. Once the tide came in, the Osprey moved away so I decided to visit the São Lourenço Lake in Quinta do Lago to waste a little more time.

There was a (juvenile) Glossy Ibis sat in the warm afternoon sun and its colourful plumage was reflecting in spectacular fashion. The reason I know this is a juvenile is due to the white streaks on its head and neck. He wasn’t so happy when a Spanish Terrapin decided to share the sun spot.

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Glossy Ibis - Íbis-preta - Plegadis falcinellus

Glossy Ibis - Íbis-preta - Plegadis falcinellus

Glossy Ibis In-Flight

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