Great Night – SpaceX Dragon Demo-2 & A 22 Degree Halo!

As you know, I’m a bit of a space fan and watched in awe the launch of SpaceX Dragon Demo-2 this evening. For those that don’t know, this is the first manned flight to the ISS onboard the SpaceX Dragon, so a big deal for NASA to have launches back on US soil. I decided to go outside in hope to see Dragon fly over, I watched the ISS approach and 5 minutes later Dragon came flying across the sky. I wasn’t expecting it to be so bright so didn’t set a camera up. There was to be another flyby just before midnight, but haze and clouds had rolled in. I set the camera up and pointed in the direction I was expecting it to come. I just about saw the ISS as it approached and disappeared above the clouds. I triggered the camera on a timelapse to keep shooting and although I didn’t spot Dragon on the flyby, the camera did as I had increased the ISO to capture more light than I could make out.

Imagine my joy when I checked back and there was a trail! I successfully recorded a trail of SpaceX Dragon Demo-2, a little bit of history recorded!

(Click to view in Lightbox)

To add to this already exciting night an amazing 22 Degree Halo also appeared around the moon. This happens when hexagonal ice crystals form and suspend in the atmosphere and the light from the moon, or sun is refracted causing a huge halo ring.

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