How Lens Diaphragm Blades Control the Aperture (Video)

I setup the Lightbox today to make a quick video on how the diaphragm blades control the amount of light allowed through to the sensor (or film) inside the camera. This is to be part of my Digital Photography Fundamentals Workshop.

If you are interested, the video can be seen below and please subscribe to my YouTube Channel (if it doesn’t subscribe you automatically, click the SUBSCRIBE button on my Channel).

{Remember to watch in HD if possible}

If you are wondering how I made the video, I setup the lens in my lightbox and took individual photos of each aperture. This was possible as I was using an old Nikon 24mm AFD lens that has manual settings for the aperture. The lightbox is lit by two lights, one behind and one in front to give an all round illumination.

Lens in the Lightbox

As you can see, Flash decided to gatecrash the session!

Flash gatecrashing
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