How To Tell The Difference Between Male & Female European Bee-Eaters

As it’s the time of year that we all go crazy because of the return of the European Bee-Eaters, some maybe wondering how you tell the difference between male and females.

Well, out in the field it’s tricky, both look similar and are of a similar size but there is an easy way to tell the difference;

Using a photo I took from last year below, the female is on the left and male is on the right. Can you spot the difference? Answer is below the photo.

European Bee Eaters - Abelharucos - Merops apiaster

Take a look at the chestnut-brown patches on the wings. You will notice that the male on the right has a much larger patch than the female. Although I have never seen one myself, I’m led to believe this patch can also be absent from the female in some cases. So there you go, if you are lucky enough to see these amazing birds you can now try and work out the sex.

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