I Couldn’t Resist Castro Verde….

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I was disappointed that my Field Trip to Castro Verde was cancelled, but as one person said in response, “The birds will be there next year”, of course. However, as the day was planned, I couldn’t resist taking 2 friends on a quick drive around the area.

I don’t normally do “walkabout shooting” (what I use to describe photography without a plan) except for when I walk the dogs, and as I was driving and it was a day off for me, I didn’t pick the camera up too much.

It was a fairly quiet day but we did get to see the following species worth noting

Great Bustards
Griffon Vultures
Booted Eagles
Black Kites (lots of them everywhere we went!)
Montagu’s Harriers
European Rollers
Little Owl
European Bee-eaters
Great Spotted Cuckoo

Here are just a few snaps I shot.

Great Bustards in flight

Little Owl

European Bee-eater

European Roller in flight

A flock of Cattle Egrets purposely underexposed

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