I’ve Found Another Pair Of Blue Rock Thrushes…..Oh And A Quick Shot Of My Local Little Owl Too!

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My parents are over visiting and I always take my Mum out on the Quad Bike for a nature ride. This afternoon we went off exploring the hills and were enjoying the scenery when I spotted a bird fly from its perch on an electricity cable to hide on top of a pole. I stopped abruptly, forgetting for a moment that Mum was on the back and ran down the track to verify what I thought, a Female Rock Thrush. Pictures are terrible due to the distance but thought I’d take some just as a record shot for you.

She was calling out to the male and I could hear him answering behind a tree line, I made my way through the tree line and could see him high on top of a hill, again on an electricity pole.

The pair I had local to the Quinta have since disappeared without a trace and was quite sad so to find another pair is fantastic. I doubt these are the same pair as it is a considerable distance away, but who knows. In this new area there are 3 ruins in close proximity to the location so I suspect they are nesting in one of them. I will return soon to try to get more photos.

We continued our safari around the hills and just before we got back home I spotted our local Little Owl on its favourite perch and just managed to grab this shot before it flew to a nearby tree. Don’t you think the tree stump looks like a Wild Boar?

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