Kingfisher Hide At The River Pool

This morning, I put together a simple frame to create a temporary hide at the Kingfisher Perch.

River Pool Hide Frame

Down at the riverbed I placed the frame against the river bank and gathered a lot of dead tree branches and bamboo shoots to create the hide. Once the river starts to flow, I can simply remove the frame.

River Pool Hide

I decided to try the hide out. Inside the hide, I dress in US Army camouflage and also hide under a camouflage net. It’s very cosy in there and not particularly comfortable, but hopefully all worth it.

I wasn’t expecting the Kingfisher to show as I have no evidence of it visiting in the afternoon, however, I did manage a shot of a Female Grey Wagtail as it was searching for insects. I’m still awaiting the return of my repaired 500mm f/4 so for now I’m using my 300mm f/2.8 with a 1.7 teleconverter which isn’t a bad backup.

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Grey Wagtail (Female)

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