Kingfisher Update!

This morning I sat at the river and watched a Kingfisher (or maybe Kingfishers) flying back and forth along the river. I’m almost certain that one of them was carrying a fish in its beak and I noticed that they/it was going back to the same location. This location is on the riverbank on our land, but very difficult to get a good view unless I swim!

I believe that there is a nest site here as they constantly flew back and forth, you could also sense they didn’t like my presence so I took a terrible picture and left them to it. There is a spot on the opposite side of the river that I can watch from a distance, however, it involves climbing a fence of someone else’s property. I will find the owner of the field and ask their permission first.

Here is the terrible picture, it was quick reactions, but either the Kingfisher is flying too fast for even 1/2500sec, or possible, the camera has missed the focus. I think it’s a combination of both. If I was sat here waiting, I would of pre-focused on part of the river and waited for the Kingfisher to fly into the focal plane.

Super Fast Kingfisher

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