Kingfishers are back!

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Remember Princessa? She was a young female Kingfisher that I initially discovered accidentally after setting a Trail Camera to capture Otters. This was in November but as the autumn rain never arrived the River Pool she was feeding from ran out of food, she probably went downstream in search of food.

Here is one of the photos from back then.

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Kingfisher - Guarda-rios

The good news is, over the last couple of weeks I have been regularly spotting a Kingfisher back at the river. Even better news is that on one occasion I saw two together. Hopefully this is a mating pair.

Kingfishers mate in the first year and although I’ll never know if it’s Princessa, there is a chance that it maybe.

As I type this post, I am sitting at the river having just experienced a great sighting. There was a Kingfisher at a location that I have been planning a new perch which not only has a perfect shallow non-flowing diving spot but also some trees that will make a natural hide.

Fingers crossed I can again get some great shots of these stunning birds.

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