Kingfishers Diving From The Perch (Video)

It looks like Kingfisher Perch V2.0 is finally starting to be a success! As you will see in the video below, there was a lot of activity yesterday and this morning. The Trail Cam seems to be having an issue. The way it works is that if motion is detected, 1 minute is recorded, however, for some reason, it doesn’t seem to record another minute if action continues. I will be looking into this, but at least I have some action to show which is as follows;

1st June at 3:16pm – A brief visit from what looks like the male.
1st June at 5:02pm – The sun has dropped behind the trees on the river bank so the perch is in the shadows, its difficult to tell if it’s a male or female.
1st June at 5:11pm – Again, difficult to tell the sex, but a dive for fish, this time a failed attempt.
2nd June at 7:00am – Difficult to tell, but I think it’s the male, 2 successful dives for fish. Also near the end another Kingfisher (I suspect the female) flies left to right and then back right to left before perching out of sight, but very vocal.

Listen out for all the other bird noises in the clips, there are Bee Eaters, Iberian Magpies, Iberian Chiffchaff and Nightingale to name a few.

{Remember to watch in HD if possible}

This is all pretty exciting and I’m now ready to set up a hide for morning shots, the only issue?…. This terrible weather we are currently having in Portugal. The mornings (and sometimes the whole day) are very overcast which is just not normal. The perch has been set up for early to mid morning shots, so the bad light is not going to be favourable. Hopefully, we’ll get more typical weather soon.

You will also notice the Duck and Ducklings in one of the clips, I was worried about the number of surviving Ducklings in This Post. The mother Duck had 5 Ducklings, 2 where recorded fighting over a Crayfish, I have seen footage that accounts for 3, so still 2 unaccounted for. They could simply just be camera-shy and out of shot.

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