Male Iberian Green Woodpecker (with Video)

This morning I got into position to photograph Golden Orioles, however, they decided not to show up. Whilst I was waiting, a male Iberian Green Woodpecker showed up. I think this is a young bird due to the mottled colouring on its neck and back. The male has a red moustache that is absent on the female. Portuguese for Woodpecker is Pica-pau and the Iberian Green is known as the Pica-pau-verde (verde meaning green).

Although similar, the Iberian species has been split from the European Green Woodpecker. The main difference is the lack of the black mask on the face. The habitat and voice are very similar. The Picus sharpei (scientific name) can be found in Spain, Portugal and the bordering areas in South-West France. They prefer dry open-woodland which is why we have large numbers of them in our local area. It’s favourite food is Ants in which they certainly have a large selection to choose from here!

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Male Iberian (Green) Woodpecker - Pica-pau-verde - Picus sharpei

Here is some video footage showing it calling, eating and preening;

{Remember to watch in HD if possible}

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