Morning Dog Walk: A Booted Eagle Soars Above

I take a camera along on my Dog Walks to bring you some of the sightings that I see on my morning walks, these photos are rarely going to be great quality as its hard enough keeping an energetic Dog entertained and get close enough to anything. They also help me identify where species are so that I can plan to return.

This morning, we had a treat, we walked up a nearby ridge (the same one to be used on Saturday’s Nature Photography Walk) and spotted a Booted Eagle soaring high.

Unfortunately, way too high for a close up, even for a crop camera at 400mm, but close enough to identify.

Booted Eagle

With a wingspan of up to only 135cm, this is the smallest European Eagle at a similar size to a Common Buzzard. It is a migratory species in Portugal, however, I have seen some who decide to stay in the winter. It is known to have amazing swoops and dives to catch its prey of smaller birds, rabbits and even insects.

There are 2 morphs of the Booted Eagle, a darker one, which this is and a lighter one that almost looks like a negative image. Both can be seen in Portugal, however, I have not yet been lucky enough to spot the lighter variety.

Booted Eagle

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