Morning Dog Walk: Fresh Otter Evidence

I take a camera along on my Dog Walks to bring you some of the sightings that I see on my morning walks, these photos are rarely going to be great quality as its hard enough keeping an energetic Dog entertained and get close enough to anything. They also help me identify where species are so that I can plan to return.

Although I have been successful at a different river location nearby, my local Otters still remain very elusive. This morning, there is fresh evidence of Otter activity down at the river.

First I noticed fresh footprints in the wet mud.

Then I spotted fresh spraint on their favourite marking rock. Spraint is the name given to Otter poo which is used to communicate, in this instance probably a marking a good fishing spot.

Then a quick glance into the river and there are a pair of discarded Louisiana Crayfish Claws, very typical of the local Otters to leave them behind.

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