Morning Dog Walk: Pipits Everywhere And Fresh Otter Evidence!

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On this morning’s Dog Walk we ventured through large field that has been ploughed. It is an old Olive Farm that is abandoned and therefore the area was very overgrown. I assume it has been cleared both for the fire risk and for grass to regrown for the local Sheep.

At first I thought it was going to hurt the local birds as I often saw flocks of Goldfinch feasting on the seeds. However, although these have now moved on, the area has become full of Wagtails and what I thought was either Water Pipits or Meadow Pipits. As I was with Wally, I struggled to get close enough to ID, so took this following photo and asked some Portuguese Birders for advice

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Meadow Pipit (Anthus pratensis) - maybe...

Even the birders are discussing it in detail, although Water Pipit has been ruled out and the suggestion of Meadow Pipit is looking favourable. However, also the fairly rare (for Portugal) Red-breasted Pipit in winter colours has been mentioned too.

I will be heading back to get some more snaps to help identify it fully.

I also went to the river and checked the area where Otter evidence has been seen and this morning there is fresh evidence. Not only fresh Spraint (Otter Poo which is used for communicating) but some footprints in some wet mud. It’s so frustrating that I have Otter living within about 400 meters from the house but never see them. I will be setting up my Trailcam to try to capture them in the hope that are deciding to come out during daylight hours.

Otter Spraint

Otter Footprint

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