New Location For A Star Trail Shot Found

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This morning I (and Wally!) stumbled across an old and abandoned Well with many of the workings still intact. A quick look on the PhotoPills App confirmed my thoughts that the angle below is exactly north facing.

This means that Polaris (AKA The North Star) is directly above the well. I love to try to include local features in my shots and therefore, I will return for a Star Trail Shot the next time we have a perfectly clear night sky. The only concern is the area also has a lot of evidence of Javali foraging!

If you are not aware of a Star Trail Shot, its when multiple shots (sometimes in the hundreds) are taken of the starry sky and when merged together show the movement of the stars. Of course, the stars are not actually moving, but the Earth’s rotation means the sky appears to move. The circular effect is due to Polaris being almost perfectly aligned with the Earth’s axis therefore doesn’t appear to move much.

Here is a merged result of 112 photos during the Geminids Meteor Shower in December.

Geminids Among the Star Trails

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