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Canvas Prints are also available, please Contact Me for information and pricing

You may start to see some various changes to the website over the next coming days, please ignore any Shop links that may appear as orders will not go through. Over the last few months, I have been busy putting together a new studio at home, yes, I’ve literally moved into part of our attic! As you can see there is a little decorating to do, but it’s fully functional and ready to start printing from a professional Canon Printer. And yes, that is a small digital drum kit to whack when I’m having a bad/slow day!

So over the next few days the website is being updated to include a new Shop where prints of selected images will be available in A4 and A3 sizes. Also, the Shop will be the new way of booking on my various workshops and events along with Gift Vouchers and anything else that will be available for purchase. If you find yourself navigating to the Shop, please don’t buy anything yet until I announce that it’s officially open.

It has taken this long as professional quality printing isn’t as easy a switching the printer on and selecting print. I have ensured that colour matching is exact to my calibrated monitors and also sampled various papers until I settled on Canon’s Pro Luster.

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