Notice Anything Odd About This Photo?

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Well do you? The stars are out at daytime? The streetlights are on and very bright? This shot was taken at 1:10am and it’s a 13 second exposure at ISO1250 and a wide aperture of f/2.8.

Night time Moonlit shot

The reason it looks like daylight is because the moon is so bright it’s giving enough light for the camera to capture this. Incredible. Why you may ask was out shooting at this time? Well you see the clouds in the distance, this is a large Thunderstorm that is happening in the central areas of Portugal. Although a long way from us we could see the flashes and the occasional forks, but are too far away to hear it. I was hoping to capture a distant shot of a fork, but no such luck. As the Moon was very bright I thought I’d see what it would come out like. It’s amazing that the colours are still there even when its dark.

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