Photography Bean Bags Made In The Algarve Available Now!

Canvas Prints are also available, please Contact Me for information and pricing

I always discuss Photography Bean Bags on my Digital Photography Fundamentals Workshop when it comes to shooting with a slow shutter speed. Usually I get the “Where can I get one?” question, therefore, I decided to look into getting these made right here in the Algarve.

Bean Bags are a great substitute for a tripod particularly when using air travel where a tripod can be a pain. They are also sometimes a better choice than a tripod when the winds are high using a long shutter speed. In my opinion, they are a far better choice than the small mini tripods available due to the greater flexibility of camera position Bean Bags offer.

When deciding the design, I took the following considerations into account that I believe are a flaw in most designs;

  • The entire Bean Bag is sealed – Often Bean Bags are available to purchase unfilled and therefore have a sealed opening.  Often these open accidentally spilling the filling.  Mine are totally sealed as there is no requirement to open them once filled
  • Slightly larger – Often Bean Bags are too short to support large lenses, my bags are (approx.) 32cm x 20cm x 9cm (measured when laying flat) to accommodate most large lenses.
  • Not overfilled – Often when purchasing Bean Bags that are pre-filled I find that they are over-filled which makes them difficult to get the correct camera position.  My bags are filled to a level that makes them the most useful
  • Not Waterproof Material – Always makes me laugh, it’s just filled with polystyrene balls, it really doesn’t matter if it gets wet!  This reduces the cost to you.

The material is High Quality 100% Cotton Twill Fabric to ensure longevity and is filled with fire-retardant polystyrene balls.  They are made in the commonly used “X” shape to make them sturdy when stood upright and can even be used to drape across an open car window.  A matching handle is sewn in which can also be used to attach to a camera bag strap for carrying.   They are suitable for almost all types of camera and with careful positioning can even by used for Smartphone photography.

More photos are available in the Shop.

They are currently available in 2 colours, either “Forest Camo” or “Rock Camo” and are on sale now in the Shop priced at just €12 each. Delivery is available and also local pickup in the Algarve too. Of course, if you attend any of my events, then you can pick one up then, saving the cost.

If you attend one of my Digital Photography Fundamentals Workshop they are available on the day at the reduced price of €10.

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