Playing with Forced Perspective

I had a crazy hour today and thought I’d play around with Forced Perspective shooting.

Here’s my “Giant Bucket Fill”, continue reading to see the idea and how I did it.

Giant Bucket Fill - D810, AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8E @ 70mm, f/16, ISO64, 1/60sec (2 shots, one focused on the bucket, one focused on the ladder) - {Flickr Link}

Of course, there isn’t a giant bucket or a smaller ladder and person (which is me by the way).

If you look at these photos, all becomes clear and it’s just a trick of Forced Perspectives. This is a technique to make things look bigger or smaller by using the trick of perspectives with a camera. The step ladder is simply placed a far distance away from the table that the bucket is on. I tried to do this shot with one exposure and a large aperture but I couldn’t get the Depth of Field I wanted and therefore had to take 2 exposures. The first shot is focused on the bucket then another shot is focused on the ladders these have been merged together in Photoshop.


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