A Great Experience At A Practical Workshop At Salgados

I don’t currently advertise it as a service, however if asked, I will organise follow-up practical sessions for past attendees on my Digital Photography Fundamentals Workshop. I will be launching this as a full service shortly though!

This morning I met Joy at Salgados at 8am for a morning session on Bird Photography and we had a great time.

I always find it strange to feel in awe of spotting a European Magpie, in the UK every other bird seems to be one, but in the Algarve they one seem to appear only in certain localities, Salgados is one of those. Almost immediately, one came down to land nearby.

We hadn’t been there too long when I spotted something diving right in the middle of the lagoon. I thought it was a Cormorant, but after a second glance I had other ideas. Soon enough, I confirmed with my binoculars that it was a pair of Otters. First time that I’ve seen them at Salgados. We snapped a few shots albeit a long distance away and then one of them came within about 20 meters of us for a look before heading off to the nearby reeds. We spotted them again, 5 minutes later back in the middle of the Lagoon.

Whilst it wasn’t as close as I got to the local Otters in São Marcos da Serra (Close Encounter Of The Otter Kind) it was a great experience to watch them playing in the water. Here are a few snaps I did get, albeit from a distance.

Apart from the Otters, the area was full of bird life including the following;

Black-winged Stilt

Pied Avocet

Even a brief visit from a Common Kestrel

We spent a lot of time watching across the Lagoon into the morning sunlight and I therefore gave Joy some advice on backlit photography before snapping some myself.

A flock of Curlew Sandpipers

Black-Winged Stilt

It was a great session and Joy learnt lots, I look forward to seeing her photos!

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