Description: Photography Bean Bags (Further details below).

Material: High Quality 100% Cotton Twill Fabric

Filling: High Quality Fire Retardant Polystyrene Balls

Colours Available: Forest Camo (Green & Brown) & Rock Camo (Black and White)

Approx. Dimensions: 32cm x 20cm x 9cm (measured when laying flat)

Country of Manufacture: Portugal – Right here in the Algarve Hills!

Warranty: 12 months against any defect in manufacturing

NOTE: If you attend one of my Workshops these will be available on the day at the reduced rate of €10


I always mention on my Workshops how great a Bean Bag can be when you need to shoot with a slow shutter speed and therefore decided to have these made right here in the Algarve Hills.

These Bean Bags are made from High Quality 100% Cotton Twill Fabric and are filled with Fire Retardant Polystyrene Balls. They are manufactured in the shape of a X which makes it very flexible on positioning and can even be draped over an open car window.

They are suitable for almost all types of camera including DSLRs with Long Lenses and with careful positioning can also be used with Smartphones.

They benefit travelling photographers who wish not to carry a tripod and in some cases can be more useful than a tripod, particularly in strong wind.

Careful consideration has been taken on the fill level of the Polystyrene balls as often they are overfilled making it difficult to make minor adjustments.

Often Photography Bean Bags are sold empty and therefore have an opening to fill. To keep costs low and to also avoid accidental opening, these Bean Bags are sealed permanently. They have a carry handle sewn in which can also be used to attach to a camera bag strap.

Additional information

Material Colour

Forest Camo, Rock Camo

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