All existing orders have been processed and sent.

Due to the gift that keeps giving, namely Brexit, I have had to suspend any sales from my webshop to the UK. The option for UK has been removed from the shipping address entry at the checkout.

The amount of paperwork now required to send even a simple photograph print to the UK is quite large and of course the package ends up being heavier which in turn costs a lot more. Add that to the fact the the postage will also be rising due to the increased costs to the Portuguese postal service, it’s currently not a viable and cost effective service I can provide unless I raise my postage costs exponentially.

I am currently investigating if all this paper work is required for the simple “Registered Mail” service I use or for the “Express Delivery” service which is more for parcels.

Hopefully this is a temporary suspension until I find a more simple method or clarification on the paperwork required as a lot of my print sales have historically been shipped to the UK.

More news to follow…..

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