So Lucky To Have 3 Of My Favourite Bird Species Nearby (Plus A Rare Flyby!)

This morning, I was sat on the terrace drinking a Coffee and a pair (male and female) of Golden Orioles came into plain view in a Eucalyptus tree about 50 meters away. I wasn’t quick enough to grab the camera and get the female, but I got the male. This isn’t the same location as the nearby “Oriole Terrace” this is so much closer. They actually woke me at 6am with their stunning song, I suspect they are going to nest in this tree which is fantastic news. They also have the choice of many Fig trees nearby so is the perfect location, their Portuguese name is actually Papa-figo as Figs are their food of choice. All of the photos below are shot on my D850 and then transferred with SnapBridge to my smartphone and edited in Lightroom.

Here is a quick shot of the male.

Then if that wasn’t good enough, a pair of European Bee-eaters came flying past too. We are still very low on numbers locally of these birds, it’s difficult to understand why the large colony of last year (40+ birds) have not arrived back here. Hopefully, they are nearby but out of earshot.

In complete coincidence, my article in this months Algarve Resident is all about these 2 bird species it is on sale and the online version will follow in the next few days.

Just to add one more amazing bird to this list, the male Blue Rock Thrush is busy singing from high vantage points, here he is on top of an electricity post. I’m still yet to see a female so it’s possible he’s still on the search for a mate. If it’s the same one as last year, then what happened to his female?

Finally, a few days ago, we had a very rare flyby of a single Griffon Vulture, it was clearly on the move northwards so on migration. He was a fair distance by the time I grabbed the camera, hence the fuzzy photo.

To think that all of these birds have been spotted from sitting on my terrace is amazing!!!!!! I am so lucky.

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