Spot The Camouflaged Spider

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I was in the garden watching the many Violet Carpenter Bees we have flying around today when something moved and caught my eye.

Can you spot the well-camouflaged Pink Crab Spider on the petals of the Geranium? Close-up coming further down!

How about after it came out a little?

The Crab Spider can come in various colours and is a general family term rather than specific, I believe the specific name for this one is Thomisus onustus, but I’m no spider expert so could be wrong. Crab Spiders do not trap their prey, they catch it. They sit and wait for another insect to come along before attacking it. They do have web, but its used a “drop line” in case they fall off.

So, would you like to see it close up? Ok, here you go, if you look closely, you will notice the “drop line” at the rear and check out those crazy eyes!

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Spider Crab

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