Moody Sunset

I was scouting the Algarve’s south coast yesterday for some locations an decided to head to Praia de São Lourenço, a tiny cove beach near Galé to hopefully get a “2nd sunset” shot. A 2nd sunset can occur anywhere up to 30 minutes after the sun has dissappeared below the horizon where the sun’s rays light up the sky. There were a few clouds ready for the show, however, it didn’t happen.

On it’s way down to the horizon the sun poked through the clouds providing an incredible contrasting light. Although I dint get the shot I was hoping for, I did come away with this amazing view.

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Another Shot From The “Dark Perch”

Just another shot of the juvenile male Common Kingfisher from a few days ago at my “Dark Perch“. This time he’s got his back facing me showing off his typical “go-faster stripe.”

I have a new location ready to go, clouds depending, I’ll be there in the morning, not sure how they’ll react to this one as I have to use my pop-up hide and not sure if they will be happy around it.

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Common Kingfisher (Juvenile Male) - Guarda-rios (juvenil macho) - Alcedo atthis
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Pink Moon Rise

I was outside tonight just as the Moon had risen above the hilltops. It was bright pink in colour, I’m assuming it was the same in other locations of the Northen Hemisphere too, particularly in the same Time Zone. Did you also see it?

We have some Palm trees at the front of the house that are lit by LED lights which I used to create a frame for the shot.

The credit to the framing has to go to my partner, Emma, who spotted this a few days ago albeit the Moon was the other side of the Palm tree (possibly a better frame too but don’t tell her!).

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Moon Rise & Palm Tree

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Greater Flamingos of the Algarve

Yesterday myself and partner took a trip to Ria de Alvor. Although it was for a picnic and for me to Kayak around the fantastic estuary at Alvor (video here if you are interested), I took my camera and 300mm lens (remembering that my 500mm is still out for repair).

Ria de Alvor is a nature reserve and home to many different birds including the Greater Flamingo.

The adult Flamingos were not in a great position and difficult to get to photograph, however, some of the younger birds were very close to the paths. I also had a 1.7x Teleconverter with me to take the 300mm to 500mm and although the quality isn’t as great as the 500mm lens, still a good backup.

As you can see, they are not pink!?!? Greater Flamingo’s plumage only turn pink after a few years as an adult, these youngsters are yet to turn.

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(Young) Greater Flamingo - Phoenicopterus roseus

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Serra Sunrise

Twighlight had just started when I set off this morning to a local ridge that I’d scouted yesterday. Setup the tripod and camera (D810, AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8 and “Cheap as Chips” Remote) with about 30 minutes until the sun was to appear above the serra ridges to the East.

I sat and watched a some stunning colours before the sun started to poke above the mountains and walked away with this shot.

In the foreground is my local village, São Marcos da Serra preparing for another warm October day.

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Serra Sunrise

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