Back-light Session With European Stonechats

This year, locally, we are back to our usual numbers of European Stonechats, last year for some reason the numbers were low. Yesterday afternoon’s light was amazing so I decided to have a short session using the light to create some stunning back-lit photos.

European Stonechats are the perfect model for back-lit shots as you often see them perched on top of plants and fence posts. Their name comes from the sound of their call which is similar to that of pebbles being knocked together, often broken with a single chirp.

In case you are wondering, I’ve included a photo showing you what European Stonechats look like as I was lucky to get a breeding pair perched together.

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Back-lit Flora

I was late taking Wally out this morning after a late night in the studio. I have had a lot of Real Estate work (FotoSul) over the last few days and I’d rather process the photos at night!

It was 10am before we headed out and many of the bird life, apart from the Bee-Eaters were quiet due to the already above 30 deg heat. The sun at 10am is strong and high at this time of year, so I used it to capture from back-lit shots of some of the plant life. Here are 4 that I captured. Each photo is taken with -2EV (Exposure Compensation) dialled in. The dark background is provided by some distant trees blocking the sunlight.

First up, one of Emma’s favourite plants, the Allium.

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Back-lit Allium
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