A Local Bee-Eater Nest Is Now Very Active

After the disappointment of finding a destroyed Bee-Eater nest (see HERE) and of course, one dead and one rescued nestling, I took a look at another location where there are nests and watched a pair actively returning to the nest over and over with food for the young inside. Whilst the birds are digging their nests and mating, I (mostly) leave them alone as not to cause them to flee and abandon, but now they young to feed I will watch and shoot from a safe distance.

The great news is that it has a very natural hide for me courtesy of the river bank. I look forward over the next few days capturing some shots, although the very unseasonable cool and cloudy weather may put a stop to it!

Here is a shot I got of one of the parents leaving the nest.

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Testing the new Bushnell NatureView Cam HD Max Live View (Video)

birdfeedersBack last year, I setup a Bushnell NatureView MAX HD camera to capture footage of the Foxes that visit the garden overnight. Although I got some good footage, it wasn’t without frustration. I had the camera exchanged 5 times with various issues from not triggering to crackling audio and eventually I gave up and returned it for a refund.

However, since not having a “trail cam”, I’ve felt a missing gap in my arsenal. Bushnell have recently released a new camera in the line up, the Bushnell NatureView Cam HD Max Live View which has some improvements including an upgrade to 14mp (from 8mp) and a handy external screen for better alignment (although it can’t be used when mounted in a tripod as the screen port is on the bottom).
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