Sunset Over Castelo De Silves

Shopping, that task that never seems to be more efficient. Yes certain supermarkets in certain countries have tried to speed up the process, but you park in the car park, grab a trolley, fill the trolley, empty the trolley at the checkout, fill the trolley back up, take it to your car, empty the trolley into the car, drive home, empty the car into the house, put shopping in the correct place inside the house! Arrrrrghhhh! It was shopping day and we decided to head out an hour before sunset. I looked to the western skies and thought that just maybe the high clouds would create some colour.

We drove to Silves and the cloud cover was getting thicker, but I decided to still go to a favourite spot that over looks the city with a great view of the Castle. As the sun got lower, the clouds seemed to thin out, it was a gamble that paid off! We were treated to a fantastic colourful sky! Of course, then we went shopping……

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Sunset Over Castelo De Silves
📷 Nikon D850, AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8E @ 70mm, 1/6sec, f/11, ISO64
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