I Returned To The White Stork Battle Ground

You may remember back in February, I spent the morning in Silves photographing the returning White Storks. I watched in amazement at what seemed to be battles for nesting space. The blog post and battle photographs can be seen in This Post.

Today I was in Silves and had a few minutes to spare so went to have a look at the same location (near the prison). In the Tree-Top nest there was a Juvenile sitting on top. It wasn’t the best time to visit as it was almost 4pm and not only was the sun overhead and bright but most of the birds were away feeding. The other nest that was under attack in February had two juveniles sitting on top, however, they flew away soon after I arrived.

Juveniles are easy to spot as their beaks and legs are much greyer in colour, although as you can see they are already turning red. It is believed that the adult’s beaks and legs turn red due to the diet consumed.

Juvenile White Stork on the nest

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The White Storks of Silves

As promised a week ago, here is a collection of shots after spending a large part of the day in Silves photographing White Storks. I won’t go into too much detail about the White Stork as later this week I will hopefully have another post explaining some news about why I was photographing these giants, so for now, enjoy the photos.

First some shots of the birds on the ground and nests. In the 2nd shot, can you see the Sparrows nesting in the bottom of the Stork Nest?:

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White Stork

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