Rainy Sunrise At Ferragudo


The weather promised that the rain would ease and the clouds would break. I woke at 5am to rain but put my trust in the weather forecast that insisted it was going to clear. I got in the car and I could see stars in the sky! Yes, it started to clear.

However, the 40 minute drive to Ferragudo and the clouds rolled in again. I waited hoping for some pre-sunrise shots, but the clouds made it far too dark. Then there was another break in the clouds just as the sun was rising. I setup on the beach and started to take some long exposures but the clouds just kept building and I couldn’t help notice a large rain shower approaching. Just as the sun was rising above the roof tops of Ferragudo, I shot the photo below. This is not what I was hoping for, but I was determined to come away with something, but I don’t really like it!

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Rainy Sunrise At Ferragudo
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