Algarve Chimney Sunset

I’ve been craving some good photography light for weeks, this evening, I even got to shoot directly at the sun!

The Algarve is well-known for its decorative chimneys, even more so in the northern hills. It is widely thought that the chimneys were originally designed in the “Moorish” era of Portugal, however, this has recently been proved not to be the case. Anyhow, there are many different designs of chimney and a neighbouring Quinta has an amazing show piece on top of the roof.

Tonight, I was watching the sunset and noticed that it was going to drop behind the chimney. I waited and had to keep readjusting my stance whilst I waited for a House Martin or Swallow to also fly into shot. I was lucky enough to get a House Martin fly through the frame.

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Algarve Chimney Sunset
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The Migrants are returning

This weekend has seen the start of the return of the House Martins. There are only a handful at the moment, but expect them to return in large numbers as they do every Spring.

We have artificial nests on the house for them and they also build their own.

I’ve not seen any Swallows yet, but I’m sure they won’t be far behind.

Here’s a quick shot I got this morning, I look forward to getting some better shots soon.

House Martin
House Martin